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Sounds in Bordeaux


Sounds in Bordeaux is a student initiave, aiming to make known techno artists and events in Bordeaux.

Team & role

For this project, we were 6 first-year students. For the first version, I was in charge of front end development but for the refont I was in charge of the website design and the front end development."


Our skills in web development were very limited at that time, so we had to build the best plateform without any complexe features. After the release of the first version, we decided to add a form to get some users' feedbacks about their experience on our website. Our goal was to know more about our users' goals, the problems they may have encountered and which device they use the most to visit our plateform. These answers guided the refont of the entire website.

Design of the fist version by another student

V1 1 V1 2 V1 3

Observations, problems & opportunities


of interviewed people declared being lost in the web site


of interviewed people first visited 'Best Of The Week' page


of interviewed people declared visiting the website to find events


A new home page to give quick access to consistent content

I have entirely redesigned the home page but I have kept the 'Event of the week' section which seems to be popular according to the form. I have added two sliders showing events and artists so users have quick access to interesting content.

Event page improved with a search system"

To help users find events which may interest them, I chosen to add a search system with 4 filters : place, music style, price and date.


Simplify navigation

For the new version, I replace the side bar by a burger menu in desktop and mobile, more simple and clear unlike the first version. The team wanted to create a minimalist new version, so hiding links in responsive menu was the best solution.

Fluffy1 Fluffy2 Fluffy3

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