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HelloPass is an integral online map for refugees living or moving Bordeaux. Our goal is to help them moving in and integrate more easily in the city by centralizing informations in a single platform.

Team & role

This project was divided into two time period. First, three days to find the idea and define the scope and objectives, then five days to design ans develop the platform.


During the first part of the project, a few problems started to appear. First, we had to understand users with differents cultures and needs far from our own. It was very difficult to find valid data and hard for me to trying to figure out how to give the right informations in the right way. Then we had to determine how to give them the right informations easily and quickly.


Filtering places by needs

Fisrt, I thought about a classic search and started to categorized all the 45 locations we already had listed. But soon, I realized this kind of search would not be reliable because each locations corresponded to a several categories, plus it was really difficult to find clear name to each categories and I had to think about the translation in arab and other languages maybe. It was too risky so I thought about a search by needs which allow us to classify every actions of every listed locations.

Give the right informations and a quick contact access

I tried to give only the necessary informations about a locations so it will be easy for users to find what they need without searching among a large amount of informations. And it allow us to translate the platform faster.

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